Fancy AF Brunch

I recently had the pleasure of having brunch at the famous Tavern on the Green. I have always heard about this place but never thought of actually going. I was u fee the impression that it was ridiculously priced and for the rich and snooty. However, I was invited and was pleasantly surprised. It is located inside Central Park, extremely easy to find. The place was magical. There was a man with a top hat at the front door. We had reservations, but we’re still asked to sit in the bar/lounge area. Which I was very happy to do since it was a gorgeous area with chandeliers and a very old school 1930”s vibe to it. I ordered a Bloody Mary and took in the scenery. I like to people watch, especially in NYC. There were quite a few tourists which was not a surprise. Also, a lot of families with younger children. We were then seated to the main dining area that was a big difference from the bar/lounge area. It was brighter and my eyes had to adjust. It felt like I just walked into heaven. The service was amazing. Our waiter was extremely cool and down to earth. He gave us recommendations and says their burger was the best. However I already peeped the menu before arriving and had my heart set on steak and eggs. My typical brunch go to. For appetizer we had shrimp cocktail that were huge. The steak was amazing and cooked a perfect medium. Instead of dessert we got more drinks. The bloody Mary’s were amazing(spicy and with a few olives). The dining area is open and has windows with a view to the park. Horse and carriages were strolling by as we are. I couldent help but think how gorgeous this place would be

Christmas time.

Before I left I had to check out the gift shop. Because I’m still a child. I got the cutest Christmas ornament with the famous sheep on it. Tavern on the Green started as a sheep barn back in the 19th century.

Tavern On

67th Street and Central Park West

New York, New York 10023

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