Celebrating Fat Tuesday

I decided to celebrate Fat Tuesday this year. I got tons of inspiration from my recent trip to New Orleans, LA. We got plenty of beads, masks, and beignet mix! There are many restaurants/bars in the area that celebrate Fat Tuesday. However, I figured I would celebrate it at home with my daughter. This is how I plan to celebrate:
1. Beads, Masks, and Tutu’s
2. Hurricane Cocktail
3. Jumbalaya: There are so many delicious food options to choose from but I decided to make the rice dish Jumbalaya. I got the recipe from allrecipe.com
4. Jazz Music (thanks to spotify)
5. Beignets, a yummy deep fried pastry covered in powdered sugar and Cafe Au Lait made with Cafe Du Monde coffee (I purchased the beignet mix and coffee in New Orleans). However, I hear you can buy coffee with chicory at Trader Joe’s.




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