I have been to Coney Island once with my dad back when I was 5 years old. I was too short to go on any of the rides so that made me upset. I was a lil dare devil when I was younger. However, they did let me on the cyclone (go figure). That is all I really remember so I have been meaning to head back for years. Finally, on the 5th of July, me and my hubby ventured out to BK. Parking was bad, we parked pretty far and it was only 2 hr. muni meter parking. We had to walk a bit but the weather was good so we didn’t mind. Our first stop was the cyclone.. no line, which was awesome (i have no patience and I hate waiting)and we paid $18 for the both of us to ride.(Yikes) We rode in the last cart, suggested by the ride operator. It was fun. I love roller coasters and it wasn’t as rough as I thought it was going to be. After that we walked the boardwalk and “people watched”. The beach was a zoo so we passed on that. We played one of those water gun races and my hubby won me a giant plush donut (on first Try!). Afterwards we headed to the souvenir shop, bought some Saltwater Taffy and I got a Tank top that said Brooklyn on it. I know I’m not the only person who needs to get a souvenir wherever they go..Am I? After, we went on the wonder wheel ($14 for the both of us) and that was more fun than I thought it was going to be. I chose the “swinging cart” even tho my hubby gets sick easily on those type of rides. It took me by surprise how much it actually does swing but I loved it. Very short wait for this ride too! After that we had to add more time to the meter then we went to eat at The Original Nathan’s Hot Dogs. The lines were pretty crazy here and also at Nathan’s on the Boardwalk. We got our hot dogs and cheese fries and it was very good. We were lucky enough to get a table and sit down to eat (I’m a messy eater). After that we went back to the boardwalk and got a beer at Paul’s daughter Beer Bar (I chose a Brooklyn Summer Ale and a Sweet Point ). On the way back to the car, we saw AND BOUGHT fried oreos! I think i gained about 5lbs during this short trip but it was sooo worth it. #YOLO. On the way home I figured I would cross another thing off my Summer List and walk the Brooklyn Bridge. So we walked the entire length of the bridge trying to burn off some of those calories. We took lots of pictures and just strolled. We had a great day out in BK and it had me contemplating buying a brownstone out there..(we also stopped at a convenience store and purchased a power ball ticket hoping to make that dream come true).















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