I’m Thoughtful (when I want to be)

I have been with my hubby for almost eight years…WOW. Everyone knows gift giving could be tough. I ask my husband what he wants and I never ever get an answer from him. So what is a girl to do.. I have to get him something..RIGHT?! The year before last I had a boudoir shoot with my best friend who is an amazing photographer. (Gracie Blue Photography)I knew that I wouldn’t be able to beat that gift, but I had to try.

Ok so for my 5th wedding Anniversary (last summer) I told my hubby lets just do thoughtful gifts. There are only so many purses and watches we can buy each other. I figure I would give him a break money wise since he gets hit pretty hard in the summer. (my birthday being July 28th, Alyssa’s birthday August 12th and our wedding Anniversary Aug 13th..BAM) So I was cruising Pinterest for some inspiration since I am not the greatest at coming out with original ideas. I saw a great idea on a DIY frame with google map images of different locations that were special to us.. (first kiss, first date, etc.) So I bought a frame from JoAnne’s Fabric and cardstock and got busy on my DIY. With the help of my coworker and friend Eva the gift came out great. We used the computer to print out the text and chose a nice font. We printed google map images of locations(then cut them into a shape of heart, of course). We put cardboard backing on the hearts to make it pop out more. Then I used dry cement to attach the hearts and text onto the cardstock. I got a lot of compliments on this gift from my friends. My hubby said he liked it but you know how guys are usually they really don’t appreciate sentimental things like this. My daughter cried when he opened it (not just cried, bawled her eyes out LOL). He now has it hung up on his wall beside his bed after I harassed him to hang it up.(Keeping it Real)


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