DIY Minnie Mouse Costume

Ok so last year we had just purchased a sewing machine and I was eager to try it out. So, I decided to make my own Halloween Costume. The fabric (red with white polka dots) was super easy to find in JoAnne’s fabric. I also purchased a few yards of Tulle to make the skirt pouf. The sequined Minnie Mouse ears I had from my recent trip to Disney World (great way to get another wear out of them)I had some elastic for the waistband that I got from the Stormville Flea market. We sewed the tulle to the elastic and just cut a hole in the shape of a circle in the polka dot fabric after measuring it. With excess fabric I made a collar. I paired it with a black T-shirt and a black elastic belt that I took from another skirt. I tried to find cheap taxi cab yellow heels to complete my outfit but I had no such luck. So I bought a pair of cheap heels from forever 21 and spray painted them yellow. It took a few coats but they came out really cute! I used black eye liner to fill in my nose and put my fav red lipstick on.


Me as Minnie Mouse

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