A few of my fav cocktails👯👯

Who likes to drink?! 🙋🙋Everyone knows I love my cocktails! I typically drink wine, but on a nice Summer night it’s always nice to have a cocktail.. or two.(But, who’s counting?)I also have a new found love for St Germain liquor. So I figured I would share some cocktail recipes with you. Yes, I’m trying to get fancy like Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktails.

Cucumber Deliciousness


1 ounce of St Germain Liquor

11/2 ounce of Vodka (I use Absolut)

6 Cucumber slices

5 Mint Leaves


Muddle 5 Cucumber slices in shaker

Add liquor, ice, and 4mint leaves

Shake Vigorously

Pour into pretty glass

Add slice of cucumber and a mint leave to garnish

Or Dat Watermelon


1/2 ounce of St Germain Liquor

2 ounce of Vodka

1 cup watermelon juice or muddled watermelon

4 mint leaves


Add Watermelon, Liquor, ice, and 3 mint leaves to shaker

Shake Vigorously

Pour into pretty glass

Garnish with a cubed watermelon and mint leave

Also if you want to infuse some Vodka.. it’s super easy

Slice up  fruit (Pineapple, watermelon, my fav)

Fill up Mason Jar with fruit(or any glass container)

Cover the Fruit with Vodka

You can also add mint leaves.

Let sit for 5-7 days and shake daily

Voila infused vodka

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