SightSeein in San Fran 🚃👯

I have been wanting to check out San Francisco, California for some time now.

I’m always looking to explore new places.

After researching best places to  visit in November, San Fran came up!

We were a lil worried due to the fact that fire and devastation hit Napa and Sonoma this October.

However, it worked out just fine and they need tourists more now than ever. And here we are. 👯🍷☀️🚃

Sonoma Wine Tour: We booked a last minute tour thru our hotel. We were picked up right from our hotel and drove into Sausilito which looked like beautiful town to stay in. We stopped at two wineries, Jacuzzi Winery and Homewood Winery that included genorous tastings. We had beautiful views of the Sonoma vineyards, and we got to hang out in each winery for awhileWe stayed in Hotel Zephyr, a cute boutique hotel located in Fisherman’s Wharf.

Fisherman’s Wharf is a great place to stay since you are close to Pier 39 which has a lot of shops and restaurants. There are quite a few seafood restaurants to choose from.

They are known for their New England Clam Chowder and fresh seafood. We had a delicious meal at PierMarket.

At Pier 39, you can also take a cruise to check out Alcatraz and the Golden State Bridge.

Pier 39 also has a hang out spot for Seals where you can see them lounge  and hear them “bark”.

Mr Holmes Bakehouse 1042 Larkin St

San Francisco, CA 94109

I got baked in San Francisco. They are known for their cronuts.  A croissant mixed with a powdered sugar 🍩 donut! Yum ! It’s a tiny space but be sure to get your pic in front of the neon “I just got baked” sign.They close at 2:30pm so be sure to get there early!


food in San Francisco.

I had the spaghetti 🍝 it was soooo fresh and tasty.

Simple and Al dente with fresh basil just how I like it.

As good if not better than Scarpetta! (another fav of mine)

Make reservations they get pretty busy! They also have Pizzeria Delfina next door!Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar

950 Mason St

San Francisco, CA 94108

Once I saw the pictures of a live band on a floating boat/stage in a lagoon I knew I had to check this bar/restaurant out. Located inside The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. Offering Polynesian- Fusion cuisine, Mai Tai’s, and of course pina colada’s. You don’t come here for the food you come here for the experience. FYI they do not take reservations if you aren’t a guest of the hotel. Golden Gate Bridge: There are several ways to view and take pics of The Golden Gate Bridge. We took a cruise out to the bridge which was pretty cool. We went right up to it and got incredible shots. We also were able to get a clear view of Alcatraz. We also took an uber out to Golden Gate look out. I hear fog can be a problem. However, we got lucky and the fog did not disrupt our view at all. The famous Full House House ( I am a 80’s baby)and The Painted Ladies: Gorgeous Victorian houses painted in lovely pastel colors.

I also visited Chinatown where I ate Dim Sum and shopped around for cheap souvenirs.

Try to get a ride on a old school cable car if you can. The wait can exceed an hour!

Have you been to San Francisco ? What are some of your favorite things to do and eat there?

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I was in desperate need of a vacay. So I headed out to Miami for some fun in the sun. Perrrect Weather awaited me in South Florida. We stayed at the Eden Roc hotel after a coworker told me how amazing it was. I agree. 🌊 Ocean view balcony with spacious rooms and friendly check in made the trip seamless. We did not rent a car so we Ubered everywhere .. 🚗uber everywhere 🚗

A few of my fav places i visited on my trip to Miami..

For My Love of Latin food I checked out:

Versailles ..Excellent Cuban restaurant in Lil Havana 🌴  They boast that they are the worlds most famous Cuban restaurant. I was given this recommendation from Dr. Rodriguez fellow foodie and Latino! (ha!)The churasco was excellent and so was the Cuban sandwich 😋 This restaurant gets very busy but the line to sit and eat moves quickly! So don’t let that discourage you from trying this place out. FYI not much English is spoken here so brush up on your espanol. 

For Culture :

Wynwood Walls 🎨 Free admission 🎨🌴Here you Stroll around and admire the grafitti and street art splattered across the wynwood walls. Street and Grafitti Artists from all over the globe 🌎 have their art displayed here.

For a fabulous dinner:

Lure Fish 🐟 Bar located inside The Loews Hotel .. Amazing dranks and Sushi! Yes Bae got me into Sushi 🍣 Crispy Rice Cakes were amazing and so was the Lazy Lobster Special (lobster off the shell). There’s a location in NYC too! A bit pricey but def worth the splurge.

For a Drank:

Broken Shaker Bar located inside the  freehand hotel. They have a large outdoor sitting area to enjoy a cocktail. Great Ambiance and no cover charge.  🍹 I had the walk down Alameda. 🍸 They also serve food if you are looking for a bite to eat with your drank. Click here for menu

2727 Indian Creek Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33140 | 305-531-2727

For Brunch:

Yard 🐦 Bird Southern Table and Bar in Miami has to be one of my favorite Brunch spots. This is a very popular place! However, we got lucky and we were seated outside pretty quickly. The Fried Chicken 🍗 Spicy  Watermelon 🍉 and Cheddar Waffles 😋 for two was ahhhmazing. The Eggs Benedict was also a big hit. 🍳 The poached egg was crumbled with a biscuit and bacon 🥓 😍.  Let’s not forget the cocktails 🍹 I had a tipsy debutante monster because I liked the name of the drink and I like tequila 💃 My bf got a Bloody Mary with bacon 🥓 in it !They are located at:

1600 Lenox Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Long Beach Magic  (LBM)

Jim the Beach Yoga instructor at Spray Beach kept using the acronym LBM and I liked it so much I’m using it as my title for this post (A tad cheesy I know).

FYI Beach yoga is located at 26th Street in Spray Beach

It runs Mid-June through August; Friday through Sunday, 7:15 am; Friday through Monday, 8:30 am; Friday, 6 pm

No Fee.. Just a Donation.. Typically $5.00 pp


Chicken Or The Egg or “The Chegg” do yourself a favor and download the No Wait App.. This is a local favorite and wait times can exceed 60 min… Delicious wings and they are open 24 hours.👌🏻👌🏻

Suit from Topshop at Nordstrom

Pineapple Express from The Ketch …

Barnegat Lighthouse:

Who doesn’t love lighthouses?! It was a beautiful clear day so it was picture perfect … You can walk your way up to the top however I did not bring the right shoes so I was unable to 👯👯

Brunch at SandBox Cafe..Sizzlin Pancake is their specialty so of course I had  to try one . It’s a pancake baked in the oven for 25 minutes. I made mine with bananas, Nutella, walnuts and a swirl of cream cheese sprinkled with powdered sugar! It was like a mini freshly baked cake!

Baseball Cap from Urban Outfitters

Rubia The Explorer in Los Cabos

I had a great trip to Cabo. The weather was perfect! The food was delicious and I got to practice my Spanish. Dos Cerveza por favor.🍻 Here are a few highlights of my trip beyond the Margaritas and Churro’s. 

 1) The Arch of Cabos San Lucas(El Arco)- A pretty cool rock formation that juts out the ocean at the Southern tip of Cabo San Lucas. Lover’s/Divorce Beach are next to The Arch.

  2) Snorkeling in Santa Maria- we booked an excursion with Cabo Adventures on a luxury sail boat to Santa Maria to snorkel in calm water. The beach at our hotel was way too rough to swim in! They also had paddle boards to use at Santa Maria.


3) Beach Yoga-every morning our hotel gave a beach yoga class! It was a great way to start my day! It was extremely relaxing to stretch out while listening to the waves crash on the shore.

4)Stroll San Jose Del Cabo- it’s a traditional Mexican town with vendors and restaurants. On Thursdays they have an Art Walk where art is put out on display. There is a beautiful old church and charming cobblestone streets. 


Adventures in Hawaii

Surfing Lesson: I figured if I ever was going to surf it would be Hawaii. I figured since I was there it was a must to take a lesson. I was pretty nervous about it.. But I pushed myself to do it.. who knows if I will ever have the chance again. I chose aloha beach services which was a pretty long walk down Waikiki beach. I read great reviews about them and the website guaranteed that you stand up and they guaranteed you would fall down. It was 80$ for an hour long private lesson. So I grabbed a board and headed out with my surfing instructor, tommy (a scary looking older man of few words) I was horrible but I kept trying and didn’t give up until Tommy told me to ride the final wave out. He kept telling me to relax and take my time standing up on the board. But I couldn’t get the hang of it and Tommy was frustrated and pretty much lost his patience with me. I scraped up my knees and toes on the board. He even asked another instructor to give me a pep did not help..I’m no surfer..but I tried. Even though I did feel like giving up and telling my instructor he sucked!!(haha)
Well that was my experience with surfing not to say I wouldn’t try again. Paddle boarding: I have never paddle boarded before. Last year when I was in Aruba I wanted to do it but I didn’t have the nerve. I thought i wouldn’t be able to stand up and it would just be embarrassing. But I decided I would def do it on my trip to Hawaii. I paddle boarded in a lagoon with calm water so I didn’t have to worry about waves. I was able to stand up and use the paddles with little to no help.
Catamaran snorkel at turtle canyon: I have a thing for sea whenever we go away and snorkel I am on the lookout for turtles. On a cruise last year we found a few snorkeling in St. Martin. So when we saw a catamaran snorkel tour to turtle canyon that guaranteed turtle sightings we signed up!
Diamond head hike: we took the bus to diamond head. It was a very hot day and we tried to get there early to beat the heat and crowds. We dressed comfortably and brought a few bottles of water. I’m not much of a hiker at all. However, if there are beautiful views or a landmark I’m all for it. The terrain wasn’t bad at all and it took us about 40 minutes including all the stops to take pictures.