Bejeweled Denim Vest

I’m trying to get back in my creative DIY crafty vibe..

So I finally gave in to taking apart my favorite bejeweled Steve Madden sandals(that were falling apart already) And I decided to manually bedazzle my denim vest💎💎💎

What you need :


Mighty gem it fabric glue

A cheap denim vest

What to do

Cover backing of rhinestone with glue

Press and hold where you want rhinestone placed

Get creative with you’re pattern

Let dry for 8 hours


What girl doesent love sparkly things ?!

Totally Radical 80’s Bash

I have always wanted to have a 80’s themed party. I love to dress up so I will find any excuse to. I usually travel for my birthday, but since this year I was going to be around I figured I would throw a party. I haven’t had a birthday party since I was a child! So, I scoured pinterest for ideas. I figured I would write a blog and share what I did for anyone out there wanting to throw a 80’s theme party! It was really fun! Everyone participated and dressed up which made it great!

1. 80’s Themed Cake: I figure if i’m going to have a party ..the cake has to be amazing..Cake is very important. I worked with Riviera Bakehouse in Ardsley. Cake was delicious buttercream and decorations were chocolate pieces. I’m not a big fan of fondant since it is very expensive and it does not taste very good! It had all the key things I wanted on it such as a MTV symbol, rollerskate,  rubik’s cube, and a boombox. The buttercream was neon green with black leopard stripes. I loved it and it tasted delicious too! 

 2. Decorations: My hubby put together a giant rubik’s cube using a cardboard box. He taped black copy paper to it. Then added the multicolor copying paper to recreate the rubik’s cube. He’s very particular so it was lined up exactly how the original one was. Also I bought decorations from oriental trading. An inflatable boom box, neon disposable cutlery and cups that read I Love 80’s along with miniature Rubik’s cubes. Also, glow sticks were used.. I even found glow stick glasses and earrings! We also put cutouts on the wall that I purchased from Party City and we printed some out ourselves along with Pac Man cutouts we made. I thought the PacMan cutouts were the cutest (my daughter’s idea) and they were displayed around the house and up our stairway! (dots, pacman, and ghosts) 

 3. Photo Booth: I love taking pictures and photo booths are a fun way to get everyone involved! I Purchased a cheap background from Walmart and some props. Voila! 80’s themed photo booth! 

4. Games: We played Twister(mostly me and the kids), 80’s Trivial Pursuit, and 80’s HeadBands( I made up cards for). 

 5. Candy: I ordered Personalized lollipops that were supposed to read Tara’s Totally Bitchin 80’s party but was later changed to Tara’s Totally Radical 80’s party due to the profanity (Gasp). Yes I have a potty mouth! Fun Dip, Candy Dots, Nerds, Push pops, and pop rocks were all put in a basket. Also, I threw in the candy cigarettes I felt kind of guilty but they were a big hit! I was a big fan of them when I was little so I had to get them. These were purchased at Five Below.. love that store!

6.Cupcakes: I love baking however it was hot and I didn’t want to be stuck baking on my birthday weekend. So I bought cupcakes from the supermarket with Princess Peach rings on them (I figured Mario Bros. were also 80’s). Then we printed tiny printouts of cassette tapes, Ghostbusters, I love 80’s, and rainbow bright. You can just tape or glue them onto toothpicks. 

 7. Music: Of course you have to have 80’s music! We made our own playlist with my fav 80’s songs from artists like New Kids on The Block, Paula Abdul, Cyndi Lauper, New Edition, and Madonna.

DIY Minnie Mouse Costume

Ok so last year we had just purchased a sewing machine and I was eager to try it out. So, I decided to make my own Halloween Costume. The fabric (red with white polka dots) was super easy to find in JoAnne’s fabric. I also purchased a few yards of Tulle to make the skirt pouf. The sequined Minnie Mouse ears I had from my recent trip to Disney World (great way to get another wear out of them)I had some elastic for the waistband that I got from the Stormville Flea market. We sewed the tulle to the elastic and just cut a hole in the shape of a circle in the polka dot fabric after measuring it. With excess fabric I made a collar. I paired it with a black T-shirt and a black elastic belt that I took from another skirt. I tried to find cheap taxi cab yellow heels to complete my outfit but I had no such luck. So I bought a pair of cheap heels from forever 21 and spray painted them yellow. It took a few coats but they came out really cute! I used black eye liner to fill in my nose and put my fav red lipstick on.


Me as Minnie Mouse

Bedazzled Coat

Summer is ending and Autumn is right around the corner. With the chilly weather coming I figured I would blog about my Bedazzled coat. I saw this gorgeous coat in J Crew but it was a ridiculous amount of money.(my opinion) and I thought hey I can do that. I love jewels, rhinestones, and sparkles on things. Cuz I’m girly like that. I grabbed one of my pea coats in pink (I love pink) and I had random stones that I bought from Michael’s and others that had fallen off other items of clothing. I was a little picky when picking out stones since I wanted the stones to stay on the color theme of my coat and I didn’t want it to look tacky or cheap. I glued the stones on the collar using a glue called Mighty Gemite. I came across this glue in my house I didn’t even know I had it. It came with Mighty Mend it. (as seen on TV product). Next, I made sure that the stones were even and that it matched on both sides of the collar and BOOM a bedazzled coat. I’m sure you can use a glue gun(I’m messy with those) or an actual bedazzler ( I could not find any )to fasten the stones but I was just working with what I had. I have worn the coat several times and luckily all of the stones are still there! I love it and it looks fancy!”>


DIY Necklace Accessory Holder

Another DIY jewelry/accessory holder. I noticed the idea on Etsy and thought it was so cute and I was contemplating purchasing it. However, I decided I would just make my own. The hardest part of this project is finding cute knobs. A lot of people who make this item collect them from flea markets and tag sales. I really didn’t have much luck with that. I bought most of mine from Anthropologie(they have really nice fancy ones). They have the cutest knobs however they are pretty pricey, I tried to get most of mine on sale or clearance. I also purchased knobs or drawer pulls from random hardware stores, Lowe’s, and Home Depot, etc. I purchased wood from Home Depot,(my hubby is very handy so he was able to cut the wood for me in the size I wanted). They have wood already cut and ready to go but it is a bit more expensive. You can buy spray paint or wood stain depending on how you want yours to look. I used Martha Stewart crackle paint on my first one. It came out pretty cool and vintage looking. I chose a few knobs to attach to the wood using a hand drill and that was about it. Currently it’s hanging up on my wall and I throw headbands, necklaces, and hats on it.

My Necklace/Accessory Holder

Since I ended up covering all my knobs with coats and scarves this frigid winter, I made a new necklace holder in my attempt to get organized this Spring! 


I’m Thoughtful (when I want to be)

I have been with my hubby for almost eight years…WOW. Everyone knows gift giving could be tough. I ask my husband what he wants and I never ever get an answer from him. So what is a girl to do.. I have to get him something..RIGHT?! The year before last I had a boudoir shoot with my best friend who is an amazing photographer. (Gracie Blue Photography)I knew that I wouldn’t be able to beat that gift, but I had to try.

Ok so for my 5th wedding Anniversary (last summer) I told my hubby lets just do thoughtful gifts. There are only so many purses and watches we can buy each other. I figure I would give him a break money wise since he gets hit pretty hard in the summer. (my birthday being July 28th, Alyssa’s birthday August 12th and our wedding Anniversary Aug 13th..BAM) So I was cruising Pinterest for some inspiration since I am not the greatest at coming out with original ideas. I saw a great idea on a DIY frame with google map images of different locations that were special to us.. (first kiss, first date, etc.) So I bought a frame from JoAnne’s Fabric and cardstock and got busy on my DIY. With the help of my coworker and friend Eva the gift came out great. We used the computer to print out the text and chose a nice font. We printed google map images of locations(then cut them into a shape of heart, of course). We put cardboard backing on the hearts to make it pop out more. Then I used dry cement to attach the hearts and text onto the cardstock. I got a lot of compliments on this gift from my friends. My hubby said he liked it but you know how guys are usually they really don’t appreciate sentimental things like this. My daughter cried when he opened it (not just cried, bawled her eyes out LOL). He now has it hung up on his wall beside his bed after I harassed him to hang it up.(Keeping it Real)


Wine Craft

Ok I must admit I’m kind of obsessed with Pinterest. This past year I got a lot of inspiration from the website along with Etsy on doing DIY projects and just being crafty(Arts and Crafts was my fav back in my summer camp days). Crafting is a great thing to do if you are bored or just need a rainy day project. My daughter is also into doing crafty things so I try to get her involved when I can.


Wine Craft
My first project that I have to share has to be my wine craft. I like my wine …red..white..whatever I don’t discriminate. I had tons of wine bottles and corks going to no good use. My friend Gracie was visiting me from Atlanta and she said why don’t you save the corks and put them in a vase(DUH why didn’t I think of that ? So the easiest thing is to just get a cute vase ( I have tons from hubby sending me flowers along with a vase) and every time you finish off a bottle of vino you just throw the cork in the vase until its semi full throw in some faux flowers and VOILA you have a wine craft..super easy and cute. I get so many compliments on it but now people are aware of how much alcohol I consume. It’s the laziest craft ever and requires no effort really. Now with the wine bottles you can spray paint them any color your heart desires. I sprayed mine white, very basic. I also purchased chalkboard spray paint and I used that on a few bottles. I write on the bottles (using chalk or chalk markers) cute sayings depending on the holiday (EX: Christmas= Eat, Drink, and Be Merry). You can throw in some faux flowers or just leave them empty depending on what kind of look your going for.