Adventures in Hawaii

Surfing Lesson: I figured if I ever was going to surf it would be Hawaii. I figured since I was there it was a must to take a lesson. I was pretty nervous about it.. But I pushed myself to do it.. who knows if I will ever have the chance again. I chose aloha beach services which was a pretty long walk down Waikiki beach. I read great reviews about them and the website guaranteed that you stand up and they guaranteed you would fall down. It was 80$ for an hour long private lesson. So I grabbed a board and headed out with my surfing instructor, tommy (a scary looking older man of few words) I was horrible but I kept trying and didn’t give up until Tommy told me to ride the final wave out. He kept telling me to relax and take my time standing up on the board. But I couldn’t get the hang of it and Tommy was frustrated and pretty much lost his patience with me. I scraped up my knees and toes on the board. He even asked another instructor to give me a pep did not help..I’m no surfer..but I tried. Even though I did feel like giving up and telling my instructor he sucked!!(haha)
Well that was my experience with surfing not to say I wouldn’t try again. Paddle boarding: I have never paddle boarded before. Last year when I was in Aruba I wanted to do it but I didn’t have the nerve. I thought i wouldn’t be able to stand up and it would just be embarrassing. But I decided I would def do it on my trip to Hawaii. I paddle boarded in a lagoon with calm water so I didn’t have to worry about waves. I was able to stand up and use the paddles with little to no help.
Catamaran snorkel at turtle canyon: I have a thing for sea whenever we go away and snorkel I am on the lookout for turtles. On a cruise last year we found a few snorkeling in St. Martin. So when we saw a catamaran snorkel tour to turtle canyon that guaranteed turtle sightings we signed up!
Diamond head hike: we took the bus to diamond head. It was a very hot day and we tried to get there early to beat the heat and crowds. We dressed comfortably and brought a few bottles of water. I’m not much of a hiker at all. However, if there are beautiful views or a landmark I’m all for it. The terrain wasn’t bad at all and it took us about 40 minutes including all the stops to take pictures.










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