Beignets,Hurricanes, and PoBoys.. O My

There are so many things to do in New Orleans. My trip consisted of eating and drinking mostly. However we did a lot of touristy things..
1. French Quarter Phantom Tour- awesome walking tour..our tour guide Luke was great! They walk you to a few known haunted locations and they do a great job of story telling.(nothing pops out and scares you)They also take you to LaLaurie Mansion (made popular by American Horror Show Season 3. It was My fav thing we did in New Orleans.
2. Hotel Monteleone Carousel Bar and Lounge- I loved this place ..I got a seat at the rotating carousel bar on our second visit..go has a great history to it and it’s a historical landmark. Their signature drink is the sazerac. (Tennesse Williams and Ernest Hemingway did their writing here and stayed at this hotel).
3. Charbroiled Clams from ACME oysters. Def worth the wait in line! Best thing I ate in New Orleans!!!
4. Explore the French Quarter, Jackson Square, and the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral..also you can find more reasonable vendors at the French Market.
5. Get a Hand grenade from Tropical isle..or a shark attack !
6. Grab a Muffaletta-a sandwich that consists of ham, mortadella, salami, mozzarella, and provolone with a olive salad spread on amazing bread similar to focaccia.(Central Grocery was the originator)
7. Grab a Hurricane at Pat Obrien’s – you get to keep a nice souvenir glass and they have lovely outdoor seating.
8.Horse and Carriage tour- Me and the hubby took a romantic tour in the evening.
9. Try a Poboy- I had a fried shrimp poboy from Nola Poboy..yummy
10. Cafe du monde beignets and cafe au lait!! Best coffee ever and their beignets were amazing!! FYI Don’t wear black ..powdered sugar everywhere ! Cash only !
11. Check out the St Louis Cemetary #1 Marie Laveau (famous voodoo priestess) has a tomb in this location.
12. Take a stroll through City Park
13. Ride on a Street Car
14. Eat jumbalaya, gumbo, oysters, and rice and beans ! Just eat all the local cuisine! I’m a total foodie and live to eat! So I made sure to try it all! IMG_7298.JPG





















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