My first time trying Scarpetta out was actually in Miami at the Fontaine bleau hotel for my 26th birthday. I read in a magazine that Jay z and Beyoncé were spotted there eating Spaghetti and it was their fav dish. So I figured since we were heading out there I would check it out. It was amazing and the restaurant was beautiful and open and our waiter was awesome. So since then I have been hooked. It’s pretty fancy so we typically save it for a special occasion. But lately I have been wanting to go out and celebrate for no good reason. I made a reservation (2 weeks in advance, it books up fast ) and headed to NYC to feast on the best spaghetti and creamy mushroom polenta. They have a very extensive wine list. We always have a hard time picking a bottle out. This time we opted for a 2013 Pino Grigio and it was delicious. We have our usual appetizer the creamy polenta that I love. So good! (I’m always tempted to lick the bowl). Then we ordered our entree Spaghetti. The pasta and sauce is so fresh and delicious. It’s very simple but they make it so well you don’t even mind spending the $24 on it.(Cost of one entree of spaghetti)Our waiter was great he gave us complimentary cookies since we did not order dessert. I would def recommend this restaurant if your in the NYC or Miami area and looking for a upscale restaurant to dine in.20140630-094821-35301992.jpg





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