Corned Beef Everything!

Corned Beef and Cabbage

 This year in honor of St. Patrick’s Day I made corned beef and cabbage for the first time! (Since I am a weebit Irish)I got tips from coworkers and it seemed easy enough to me. This is how I did it:

What you need: 

Bottle of beer 

Corned Beef 

1 Onion

1 Bay leaf 

Head of Cabbage

Mustard (optional)



Fill a large pot halfway up with water then add a bottle of beer, onion, bay leaf and corned beef. Bring to a boil. Simmer for 21/2 hours. Cut up carrots potatoes and throw them in while the corned beef is simmering. When vegetables are almost tender add the cabbage. Cook another 15 minutes. Take the meat out and let sit for 15 minutes. Cut across the grain and serve! Remove the carrots and potatoes into a bowl with as much of the liquid as you want. The meal is done! Add mustard(optional). You can use leftovers to make corned beef hash and Ruben sandwiches. Yum!

Corned beef hash 

What you need:

2tbs butter

Half onion finely chopped

Finely chopped corned beef 11/2 cup

2 cups of cooked potatoes


Black pepper

Heat 2tbs butter and half a onion finely chopped in a large skillet on high heat until the onion is translucent. Add the corned beef and potatoes. Mix and then flatten with a metal spatula. Cook on medium high heat until the bottom is golden brown. (You can peek underneath) Then flip the hash as best you can and flatten out again with spatula and cook until golden brown. Sprinkle parsley and black pepper to your liking. Serve with fried egg! Yum! Best brunch eva!

Reuben Sandwich

What you need:

Bread (I used Rye and Pump a Swirl)



Thousand island dressing

And of course corned beef !

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