I had the pleasure of chatting with Chas Anderson chef/owner of Burrata in Eastchester, NY.  The doors opened in 2012 when he was only 27 years old! Not your typical pizza parlor. It’s My fav local eatery! Their wood fired pizza is like no other.. Their Spaghetti is up there with Scott Conant’s. Everything I have ever tasted has been nothing but ahhmazing here.


Buratta’s Bar

Chas Anderson was warm, friendly and I’m glad I chose him for my first lil restaurant meet up. He has a strong passion for  food and his restaurant. He only uses the freshest ingredients, regardless of cost and you can def taste it. He pretty much came out of the womb cooking, and worked his way up to running a very successful restaurant  in Westchester County.


Chas Anderson Chef/Owner

Of course I couldn’t just go to Burrata and not eat, so I feasted while we talked.

I asked him for his fave pizza on the menu and he offered up the J. Sexton No. 2.. It has a great story behind it’s name. There was a food critic from Westchester Magazine named J. Sexton who came and ate pizza that had cooked burrata cheese on it. She wrote in her review that  Burrata cheese is not meant to be cooked, it should be in its original form..since it is such a sexy and rich cheese.  So, he took this criticism and made a new pie out of it and named it after her (with her permission  but who wouldn’t want a pizza named after them?!).

Simple ingredients: Chilled Burrata, San Marzano tomato, garlic, raw basil, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, and Parmigiano. It was beyond delicious. I did very much enjoy the chilled buratta on my pizza.




That crust tho…


Where the Magic Happens


He  told me his favorite Pizza Place in NYC is Company “in Chelsea ” which I now have to try!

He also taught me a new word Stracciatella which means “rag,” from the Italian word “strattore” (to stretch). This soft, fresh cheese may be best known as the yummy center of Buratta


Spaghetti is Bae

After I confessed my love for his Spaghetti, he wanted me to try the Short Rib Agnolotti. The Short Rib Agnolotti is in a brown butter sauce with aged balsamic, piave cheese, and toasted bread crumbs (Yum). Honestly, it is not something I would ever think of ordering , but I’m so glad he mentioned it. The toasted breadcrumbs and brown butter was a perfect addition to this pasta dish. The short rib was tender, and extremely tasty.



Short Rib Agnolotti

Of course you have to save room for something sweet. The Affogato with the house made gelato is delicious and so are the Zeppoles. They are the two top sellers and I have personally indulged in, and loved them both(worth the calories)! All desserts are made in-house.

Great Cocktails! My fave on their menu is the El Diablo. I like it spicy. You also can’t go wrong with their extensive wine list.

They  have  a Great Lunch Special Mon-Thurs $10 for soup or salad and a pizza!


Got Wood?

He offered for me to follow him back into the kitchen on my next visit  to cook a lil something up.  So.. stay tuned!


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