The Fabulously Historic    Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown 

I love to travel ..travelling  makes me happy👯👯👯 however, I figured I would sight-see in my own neck of the woods. Exploring The historic Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown this weekend. 





 I found myself frolicking thru Lyndhurt (they were hosting a craft fair). Tons of and crafts. A lil on the pricey side! I have only been to Lyndhurst on school trips so it was nice to explore the grounds on this gorgeous weekend ! Lyndhurst will be hosting a Big Beer Brew Festival on Sat. July 11th should definitely check it out! They also give tours! I also checked out some scenic points at Phillips Manor. They also give tours and in October they host The Headless Horseman haunted attraction.


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