Summer2016 BucketList

A Milkshake from BlackTap NYC: While cruising the explore page on Instagram  (the gram). I came across this page that featured the most mouthwatering milkshakes in the meat packing district.

 🍦🍦Drake concert cuz Drake is Bae …😍😍😍 summer2016 tour with Future  👯👯

Pinknic..A pink and white mandatory clothing picnic in Governors Island. Pink Blankets along with live music, a Ferris wheel and ros’e 🍷🎀 You can order a picnic basket made by Chris Santos chef/owner of Vandal NY or bring your own !
Local Outdoor dining  … I love dining outside ..I never really got to do it too often since my ex wasn’t a fan of it.. However, this summer I will be all about it.  A few of the locations are Tarry Lodge in Portchester ( Mario Batali’s place) Fortina’s Pizza Club in Stamford, CT, and  Red Hat on the River in Irvington. 

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