Special Occasion Restaurants in NYC

There is nothing like getting dolled up and heading to NYC for dinner! Here I will list a few of my favorite restaurants for you to consider if you are looking to celebrate a special occasion! (Birthday, Anniversary, or just because) I can sometimes get crazy scouring reviews to find the perfect place. These are a few of my go-to places. These restaurants can book up weeks in advance FYI. You can book your reservations easily on OpenTable, I have the app and I love it ! You accumulate points and you can cash them in for gift certificates! Make sure to put in the comments box what you are celebrating, usually they surprise you with a special desert.(not all the time.. so don’t count on it!)

1) Lupa– Service is excellent! I was a little lost with the menu..but our waiter guided me to some amazing choices! To start we had mozzarella Di buffalo with squash that was so fresh and delicious ! Then we had Bucatini all’amatriciana and Spaghetti! I think it may be the best pasta I have ever had and the size of the portions were perfect! The waiter raved and talked us into the pork porterhouse and vegetable! ( I’m very glad he did! And last but def not least the Tartufo! The Tartufo was out of this world !! The hazelnut ganache made me want to lick the plate!  We are going back for our anniversary and I can’t wait!

 2) Scarpetta– Famous for their $26 Spaghetti (worth it) And their creamy mushroom polenta is always a must!

3)Beauty and Essex– Gorgeous restaurant that is disguised from the outside as a Pawn Shop. Awesome small plates such as Grilled Cheese Smoked Bacon and Tomato Soup Dumplings  and cocktails like the Beauty Elixir. Did I mention they serve Champagne in the ladies room.. nuff said !

 4) Sugar Factory– Cute restaurant known for they Lollipop Passion Goblets and desserts with sparklers.. However, their steak entrees and mac and cheese pops are delicious! Also, they are kid friendly ..(goblets come non alcoholic) 

5) Stanton Social: another restaurant with great tapas/small bites. Service was excellent and their burger was out of this world(we took the waiter’s word for it)! Our waiter was awesome! We also went with Mac and Cheese and pierogies! Yummy!! I cannot forget to mention we had the popcorn caramel brownie sundae and it was divine!! (All my fav things in one Sundae!) Along with two birthday shots since it was my bday. They also brought out a cupcake with a candle for me! 👯👏 I love when they do that! (I did mention it was my bday in the comments on my opentable reservation)


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