Top Haunted Attractions


Bae and I at Horseman’s Hollow

Everyone knows I absolutely LOVE Halloween.. I have been going to Haunted Houses for as long as I can remember. It’s always been a Halloween tradition so I try to hit up as many attractions as I can.

These are my fave that I have been to and I recommend checking out:

Terror Behind The Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary : Looking for a reason to visit Philadelphia besides grabbing one of there famous Cheese steaks.. here you go. A huge haunted house located inside a Real  Abandoned Prison. At this attraction they can also touch you, grab you, send you into hidden passages, and put you in on the show. It’s totally up to you to opt in you make this decision before you enter.  I did and was taken away ..put into secret passages.. and was part of the show(lucky me) several times. Check out my earlier blog on Scare Me Philly.

Horseman’s Hollow: Sleepy Hollow in Tarrytown, NY is notorious when it comes to Halloween. This attraction takes you on the tale of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow located in Phillipsburg Manor..  I love how local it is 10 minutes from my house! Click here for  my blog post from my experience.

Headless Horseman: Located in Ulster Park, NY(boondocks). Its been rated the #1 haunted attraction for years and I agree. They have a one mile long hayride, a labyrinth-style corn maze, and 7 haunted houses. Lines are long and it gets cold up there so bundle up!


Getting strangled and liking it at Terror Behind The Walls

What are some of your favorite haunted attractions?

Valentine’s Day Picks – Ladies

TOP PICKS for the Special Lady in your life..

How cute is this lock from Urban Outfitters?!   You can put your initials on the lock and put it somewhere special ..comes with two sets of keys.. For you and your lover.. ❤️ $14

Looking to Splurge..I love these Valentino Pumps $995.. I’m currently craving Pink Pumps..

Adorable Foxy  Fox Plush Animal I saw in papyrus .. I will never be too old to like cute things like this on Vday!

Sexxy Chrissy Lace Trim Pajamas _11434065(1)


And for My Anti -Valentine’s Day Peeps..Blah Blah Blah Printed Tee  $68



Love’s the Key Pandora Bracelet KMC001-1(1)


Thoughtful and Personalized

These gifts will make being thoughtful much more easier..

Dogeared Jewelry I love dainty jewelry that comes with a lil message.. Receiving one of these necklaces will guarantee to make you feel warm inside.


Bow and Drape  : You can pop into Nordstrom at The Westchester to personalize your own Sweatshirt.. $58 with free personalization and they have a book you can browse in for ideas if you are not on the creative side.


Tis the Season for Gifting/Lounging

Holiday Season is upon us and I thought I would share a lil gift guide with some of my favorite things :)It’s always fun to make a wishlist so I decided to throw one together along with  my favorite stores. (These opinions are my own..)

It’s getting chilly outside so I’m all about being kept cute and cozy while I’m hibernating this Winter.

Panda Onesie from American Eagle.. My daughter and I are big fans of onesies..They are super cute and comfy to lounge in (and binge watch Netflix in)..I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it! Who doesn’t love Panda’s ?! Currently on Sale $52.46pandaonesie.png

Ugg Australia Dakota Slippers in Jester Red.. I love these slippers and I think they are a lil luxurious  and not something you would typically buy for yourself. (I asked my mom to get me these)You can also get them for the man in your life … Since they do come in men’s and Kid’s sizes.$99.95 slippersred

Blanket Scarf from Aerie.. I’m all about being cute and cozy this winter and I must say this is a trendy must have accessory for this holiday season! Here are a few ways to wear this look thanks to the aerie blog ! The chilly weather is kicking in here in NY and I’m excited to try this look!12317622_1115224435157412_1142826937_n(1)

I guess my theme of cute loungewear is going strong…with the Snowball Fleece Short Robe in Red from Victoria’s Secret. I thought this robe was adorable with the ears on the hood (I’m a sucker for the ears)! They only had a medium left in the stores and I gifted myself with it. I have been wearing it nonstop since then..$59.5012237341_1023378301015578_2118437329_n(1)

Creepin it Real

 I absolutely love Halloween ..I went all out this year !👻 So I figured I would share some of my looks with you .. Most of the stuff I wore I found around my house!

I threw this together on Halloween Spider Webb stickers from the 99cent store .. Faux feline Leather corset..Red lipstick(yves St Laurent) and fangs.

Faux Leather ripped leggings and Faux leather corset from Windsor  store.. Along with a burgundy tutu that has been rotting in my closet.
I got this peacock dress $10 on clearance in party city in the summer ! 


I was Going for a ripped off face masquerade look .. You can achieve this look with liquid latex, fake blood and makeup 😈
I knitted this yellow hat myself using a loom. Goggles were made using mason jar lids and black elastic.. Yellow ribbed croptop from TopShop.(last season)


This Halloween look was inspired by WindsorStore


Cinco De Mayo

 I enjoy celebrating Cinco De Mayo.. I love Margaritas and Mexican Food! I thought I would share with you my Shrimp Taco and Margarita recipe! I make this often cause it’s so yummy and easy ! 1lbs thawed frozen shrimp peeled 3 tbsp lime juice(fresh lime preferred) 5 cloves of minced garlic 1-2 tbsp Canola oil 2 tbsp of taco or chilli seasoning  1tbsp sofrito  Avocado or guacamole  Salsa  Corn or Flour Tortillas Heat 2 tbsp of canola oil in skillet Mix together shrimp, seasoning, sofrito, garlic, and lime juice Throw shrimp along with mixture in skillet on med-high heat and cook until shrimp is no longer pink (a few min) Remove shrimp and leave mixture in to simmer for a few minutes. Then add the shrimp and toss it with the sauce.  Heat corn (my fav) or flour tortillas in a wet paper towel and heat in microwave for 30-60 sec depending on how many you make at a time. Top with avocado, guacamole, salsa, and hot sauce if desired  Wepa Shrimp Tacos! Now on to The Margarita’s 1shot glass full of lime juice (fresh lime preferred) 1 shot glass of Patron(any tequila you prefer) 1/4 shot of agave nectar 1/2 shot of triple sec  Ice  Combine all ingredients in shaker..and Shake it up !! Makes one great drink !

Corned Beef Everything!

Corned Beef and Cabbage

 This year in honor of St. Patrick’s Day I made corned beef and cabbage for the first time! (Since I am a weebit Irish)I got tips from coworkers and it seemed easy enough to me. This is how I did it:

What you need: 

Bottle of beer 

Corned Beef 

1 Onion

1 Bay leaf 

Head of Cabbage

Mustard (optional)



Fill a large pot halfway up with water then add a bottle of beer, onion, bay leaf and corned beef. Bring to a boil. Simmer for 21/2 hours. Cut up carrots potatoes and throw them in while the corned beef is simmering. When vegetables are almost tender add the cabbage. Cook another 15 minutes. Take the meat out and let sit for 15 minutes. Cut across the grain and serve! Remove the carrots and potatoes into a bowl with as much of the liquid as you want. The meal is done! Add mustard(optional). You can use leftovers to make corned beef hash and Ruben sandwiches. Yum!

Corned beef hash 

What you need:

2tbs butter

Half onion finely chopped

Finely chopped corned beef 11/2 cup

2 cups of cooked potatoes


Black pepper

Heat 2tbs butter and half a onion finely chopped in a large skillet on high heat until the onion is translucent. Add the corned beef and potatoes. Mix and then flatten with a metal spatula. Cook on medium high heat until the bottom is golden brown. (You can peek underneath) Then flip the hash as best you can and flatten out again with spatula and cook until golden brown. Sprinkle parsley and black pepper to your liking. Serve with fried egg! Yum! Best brunch eva!

Reuben Sandwich

What you need:

Bread (I used Rye and Pump a Swirl)



Thousand island dressing

And of course corned beef !

Spritz Butter Cookies

Ok since it is Christmas time I thought I would share my favorite cookie recipe! I have been baking these cookies for years!! I love using the cookie press to create perfectly shaped spritz cookies. The cookie press you can really buy anywhere I use to have a manual one but a few years ago I upgraded to an electric one from cuisine art. You can get fancy and Throw some food coloring and sprinkles on them too. The recipe I use is simple:
1 egg
4 sticks of softened room temp butter (it’s all about the butter)
1 1/2 cups of Confectioner sugar
2 Tablespoons of pure vanilla extract
1/2 Teaspoon salt
3 1/2 cups All Purpose Flour
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Then whisk the flour and salt.
Then beat the butter and sugar with a mixer until creamy then add the egg and vanilla extract. Slowly add the flour. If you want to use food coloring you can add a few drops of desired color now.
Fill cookie press up with dough and choose your desired disc shape. Place cookie press down on cookie sheet and press down on button for typically 3-4 seconds and lift up. Repeat until cookie sheet is full.
Add sprinkles.(optional)
Bake for 7-8 min or until edges are lightly golden brown (keep an eye on it) on a ungreased cookie sheet.