RoseHair Don’tCare

I’ve been wanting to hop on the rose gold color hair trend for a while now..

I found Kristen Ess’s ( Celebrity hair stylist) rose gold temporary tint. She has a whole hair care line that is getting super popular. The spray is at Target and it’s like $12.00 a bottle.

So I figured what do I have to lose. I don’t have to go to work and look “professional” for another month.

How it works :

Hop in the shower.. shampoo hair then squeeze out excess water like a sponge then spray hair wherever and however you want the roseness to show.

Go easy the first time. Shampoo hair then condition. Style as usual.

Ta-Daaaaa Rose Gold Hair

FYI only works with prelightened or highlighted blonde hair.

My Totally Bitchin 80’s Outfit

Kickin it 80’s Style: So many options when dressing for the 80’s but this is what I went with!

Bright Pink Lipstick (Candy Yum Yum by MAC)

Purple Eyeshadow

neon yellow leggings (American Apparel)

Yellow Jellies (American Apparel) I remember those plastic shoes used to cut up my feet! 

Neon Pink Ruffled skirt (H&M)

Black Bodysuit (American Apparel)

curly hair (Curling wand and Patience) Go Big Or Go Home! I used a Nume Curling wand and tried to curl my hair as close to the scalp as possible with a deep part! However it was humid and I was running around so it ended up looking wavy..

Fanny Pack (American Apparel) To make it stand out against my outfit I clashed colors with a cotton candy blue and pink fanny pack.

Fishnet gloves neon green and pink (Party City

New kids on the block button: I had that same button when I was younger just not quite as large ! Found this on EBay!


Made in the 80’s

With my birthday being a week away I am doing a big shout out to the eighties…I am having an 80’s bash and my research brought back a lot of good memories and it had me feeling nostalgic… So, I figured I would blog about it

The Music:

New Kids on the Block (I was kinda obsessed, hmmm no.  I was obsessed!). I knew every word to their songs! Posters on my wall.. I had their dolls.. the whole nine yards. My fav was Jordan without a doubt. They were awesome.. c’mon they even had their own cartoon! I also was a big fan of New Edition and Genesis.


The Hair:

Hair Crimper: The hair crimper was my best friend well into the nineties!! I totally fried my hair with it. I always wanted curls and waves, I even begged my mom to perm my hair (not a good idea).

Also you could not go wrong with a ponytail high up to the side and a scrunci!



Neon: Everything was neon from my nose at the pool (Remember Zinka?!)  to my L.A Gears. Am I the only one who thinks Zinka should make a come back?! I always thought wearing that stuff was a super cute way to wear sunblock! Fanny packs and slap bracelets were also a must!


The Movies:

Garbage Pail Kids: I was obsessed with this movie even though it did scare me and gross me out! (I was a weird kid)I also collected their trading cards! There was Gremlins! I always wanted Gizmo as a pet!  And, who can forget all those fabulous Molly Ringwald  movies! (Pretty in pink, Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles)


What were some of your fav things from the eighties?

Hello December

Happy December.. I thought I would share some of my fav things this December..With these websites You can #treatyoself or gift a loved one..

Birchbox: I recently ordered a yearly subscription to Birchbox and I’m obsessed with it. I look forward to it every month. (Who doesn’t love opening up packages with goodies?)When you sign up you fill out a questionnaire so they can send you samples based on your answers. Then you are able to review your samples and get birch points to redeem on a full sized product!

Bauble Bar: I am really into statement jewelry and I fell in love with quite a few pieces from BaubleBar after following them on Instagram. I just ordered the gum drop strand necklace with matching bracelet and juniper ear cuff set along with the crystal pixie studs. You get 15% for signing up but you can also catch them giving 30% off so be on the lookout! Free shipping too!

Ilycouture: Another great find on Instagram. I am in love with graphic tees and sweatshirts with cute sayings on them. I recently ordered the wifey sweatshirt and fancy tee shirt from them. They also sell jewelry and a ton of other stylish things! Also Free shipping !

Frank Coffee Scrub:I am addicted to this coffee scrub! I shower with it daily ..I have tried all three scrubs (original, cacao, and coconut)and I love how they make my skin feel! It’s a great exfoliator and they always offer free shipping!.




Some of My Personal Fav’s

I know I’m a lil late since it is mid July. However, I wanted to post this before my trip to Hawaii. Here ya go.

My must haves for this Summer:

1. Mirrored Sunglasses (ray-bans): I have tons of sunglasses. My husband is always yelling at me and I continue to buy more anyway. You can find them everywhere, in my house, car, and purse. But I have to say my Mirrored Aviators from Ray Ban are my fav.

2. Monogram Necklace (living social): I bought my necklace from living social because they were having a great deal. However you can really get it anywhere now. They are everywhere! (Etsy and  anywhere online)

3. Monogram Clutch (Etsy): I purchased my clutch on Etsy in hot pink. I am thinking of ordering another one in a more neutral color so I can wear it more often. (I can only wear it with so many things)

4. Nike Fuelband (Nike): I love my Nike Fuelband it keeps me motivated thru the day.  It tracks your activity and you can set a daily goal for yourself. They have it in several colors so it can also be stylish.

5. NuMe Lustrum Curling Wand (NuMe): I am always getting asked how I do my hair. This is my secret to getting perfect curls and beach waves.. five interchangeable heat barrels. You get a variety of curl shapes and sizes  all here in one versatile, clipless curling wand and it comes with a travel bag to keep them in. You can always find coupon codes to make the price go down. (look before buying)Warning! Use the glove!! I have so many burns from trying to do a quick touch up on my hair (I never learn). My curls/waves last for days it is amazing. I can not imagine life without it.

6. Bumble and Bumble Pret a Powder: (bumble and bumble)Dry Shampoo in powder form. It smells amazing and it freshens up my look so I can hold off on washing my hair. (not good to wash it too often!) I also think it adds volume to my hair so I’m always sprinkling it on my roots especially along my hair line.


Mirrored Sunglasses


Monogram Clutch


Monogram Necklace


Aviator Sunglasses


Monogram Necklace