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Wow I just realized it’s been over five years since I updated My About Me Page…

A lot has changed. I just turned 36. I’m Divorced now for three years and newly single.

 I NOW have a two year old girl named Emma who I’m raising by myself since her father requested to not be involved.

Alyssa is 17 years old and will be a senior this year in high school. I’m working for NYPMG as a Medical Assistant and I’m almost finished with my degree in Health Care Administration. 

Life does not go as planned and I have had many ups and downs. But, I love my girls and being a mom. I still love going out exploring new restaurants, travelling, and looking good. Working hard to flourish into strong, independant women. 

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Hey.. What’s up ..Hello

My name is Tara and I am 31 Years old from Yonkers, New York (Westchester Native) who loves to explore NYC.  I’m a single mother with a beautiful 12 year old daughter named Alyssa. Currently I’m a Medical Professional by day with  a passion for Fashion, Food, Travel, and Photography. I’m Just a girl trying to Eat, Travel, and Live Fabulously.. #FoodieFashionistaTraveller

All these thoughts and opinions are my own.. I do not get paid or bribed to Post. I post only what I like ..



Alyssa and I on Mother’s Day









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